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Goss Contiweb B.V.

Graphic Arts industry, auxiliaries for Web-offset-printing: splicers/pasters and dryers.

  • 2012-2013: Start up of a new Europees Spare Parts Warehouse
  • 2010: Increase spare parts turnover by differentiated pricing policy and pro-active sales strategy.
  • 2009: Implement system to record and control reported failures and service requests, for customer sales and service organization.
  • 2008:  Improve settlement of reported data, cost and administration of field service interventions
  • 2007: Cost reduction purchasing

“Luc’s pragmatic and persistant approach led to a far more efficient customer-service process. Information is now well accessible, and the work in process is under control. This is remarkeable success since earlier projects hardly sorted any improvements. Luc has been able to set clear targets and direct the organization to act on it”.
Rutger Jansen, Director Sales & Service, Goss Contiweb BV, Boxmeer, 2010